Romans Outline - March 2016 

Romans 6 – How does the Gospel change us?

Paul has spent 5 chapters explaining that we are saved through faith not works. Now the question arises - 'what then are we free to go on sinning, if its all about grace?' The answer is a resounding NO and Paul talks about how grace changes the way we live in chapters 6-8. 

Chapter 6 is split into 2 parts: v1-14, v15-23
Each starts by posing the question above see v1 and v15
The first section v1-14 uses the image of us being united with Christ in his death (past) and his resurrection (present and future)
The second section uses the image of slavery (the type of slavery around in those days where people might offer themselves into slavery to release financial debt), which can be to sin (past) or righteousness (present and future)

Questions to think about:
Have we ever caught ourselves making light of our failures on the ground that God will excuse and forgive them?v2 – what does dying to sin mean in this context?
Slavery to sin  v12-18
epithymiais – ‘over desires’
What sins are we enslaved to? These can be good things that we have turned into ultimate things (idols), such as career, marriage, children, friendship. Everybody lives for something…
Threat of losing what in our lives causes us the strongest negative reaction such as anger, fear or sadness?
What choice does Paul offer us – slavery or freedom?  or is it two different types of slavery? v16-17
What would Paul think of the modern day church and Frampton – what / who are we enslaved to?
What is Paul’s understanding of it – v1-5?
Cosmic Union with Christ’s resurrection v5
cf Colossians 3 v1
Palingenesia – cosmic regeneration – used by Jesus to describe the second coming and by Paul about personal salvation and regeneration
Matthew 19v28 Titus 3v5

Daily reckoning
The word in verse 11 is translated calculate or count – used in accountancy – what does Paul mean by it here?
v13 How is presenting ourselves (the parts of ourselves) to God different from presenting ourselves to sin? How can we do it when we are still under the sway of the old master?

Roads leading to different destinations v20-23
Describe the 2 different destinations outlined here.