Torquil 800 Torquil Allen
Torquil is 47 years old, married to Colette, who has been working in the local community for many years at Hackney Quest, a local charity that supports young people and families. They have 4 children, Kyra, Nadya, Jude and Luke. During his time at the Frampton Park Baptist Church, Torquil has been a Sunday club teacher, a member of the church leadership team, involved in the youth ministry, a member of the team who leads Sunday service and preachers. He is extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to gain this experience over the years, which will no doubt will be of great value in his role as Co-pastor
Rick 800

Richard Bowman
email: fpbc@hotmail.com.uk


Richard is 49 years old, is married to Ruth and they have 4 daughters, Susie, Georgie, Eliza and Freya. Richard works as an eye surgeon with particular interest in children's eye problems and is based at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Previously Richard was doing this work in Tanzania (with the Chrsitian Blind Mission) where he and the family lived for several years.  Richard has always been interested in pastoral work, Bible study and Bible teaching and in addition to preaching, he has the responsibility for discipleship in the church.   Richard leads a Bible study group which meets on the third Tuesday of every month to which all are welcome.  Other areas of responsibility include youth work, and overseas mission - He still works for CBM and travel to the developing world regularly.


Lilliana 800

Liliana Vaquerano 
Church Leader
email fpbc@hotmail.com.uk 


Liliana has been a member of FPBC for over 28 years, originally from El Salvador she moved to England where she took on a role within the NHS. She has two daughters an has been involved with Sunday club and holiday clubs. Liliana has a particular gift with people and has a passionate desire to see everyone living in freedom and in the fulness of God's blessings. She loves to be in the centre of activity of the Holy Spirit and carries a prophetic dimension through prayer and intercession. Liliana is responsible for organising the fellowship activities within the church and is focused on building community within the the church family.

Petrus 800 Petrus Burin

Petrus is 41 years old and married to Christine. They have two children - Kai and Sian. Petrus became a member of Frampton Park Baptist Church in November 2010 after getting baptised in July 2010. Since attending Frampton Park Baptist Church Petrus has experienced the transforming love of God and his heart and passion for people has been rekindled in a special way. Petrus has a desire to see lives changed and for people to realise their freedom in Christ. With a strong focus on compassion and care Petrus feels that God has called him to focus on healing and deliverance and to offer support to people through difficult and hard times. Petrus is committed to prayer and pastoral ministry taking on the role as Pastoral Co-Ordinator. 

Zenani1 800Zenani Sibindi

My Name is Zenani Sibindi. I am 24 years old and I have been involved in Frampton Park Baptist Church since I was about 15 and have been attending there with my sister ever since. We found this church when my sister and I moved back to our father’s house in Homerton from foster care. Our foster carer helped us find a church in Hackney to continue our faith. We found this church and came to one of the Sunday services. At the end of the service our carer told us that God told her that this was going to be the church for us and we’ve been coming ever since. I like to see God’s will be done and I like to help out wherever possible. I believe that we all have a calling and being part of that church helps to see that. I like to see people doing what God has called them to do. It is what I love so much about Frampton Park. 


Kunle 800 Adekunle Adeyiga

I work in retail as a Training and Capability Manager since 2005. I work in partnership with most retail outlets in the UK training managers and staff.  I am now studying Business Management at the Greenwich School of Management.  I am a Parent Governor of a local primary school.  My aim as both Church Leader and Parent Governor is to bring everyone together, to get people's opinion and make their voices heard to support our children. I am happily married with three children.  I like reading journals and I am a Chelsea football club fan.


Steven 800 Steven Jankowski

Steven is 31 years old and has been married to Mary since 2009. He is the Head of Geography at an academy in Newham. Steven enjoys travelling and has had spells living in both Uganda and France. Steven enjoys starting, running and completing new events / projects. He is passionate about rigorous bible teaching and enjoys co-hosting the young adults group which meet on alternate Tuesdays. Steven is also involved with the Sunday club once a month. Steven is a sports enthusiast and particularly enjoys playing football and cycling. Steven has been a member of Frampton Park Baptist Church for two years and recently joined the leadership this year. Steven believes everyone has a unique and important role to play in the church.

James 800James Brown, Youth Pastor

James is 32 years old and married to Louise. They have three young children Emmanuel, Isaac and Josiah. James and Louise were honoured to be welcomed into the family at Frampton Park Baptist Church in January 2016. James is incredibly passionate about working with young people in the advancement of faith and the development of a missional community. His passion for the diverse community of Hackney began in 2006 when he started working in Homerton as a Paramedic for the London Ambulance Service. He was then called into the ministry of young people and has worked and volunteered with young people in Hackney and surrounding areas.  James’ desire is to see a radical reforming of the young people of Hackney through the love of Jesus.