Romans Outline - February 2016 


Romans 5

What does peace with God look like 1-2? How does it relate to the past, present and future? cf v9,10)
Do you feel at peace with God?
What do you understand by the term justification? (See the attached table for 2 different contemporary views)
Why do we need to be justified before God?
What do you understand by the term original sin?
How do you experience this concept? Is it negative or positive?
What do verses 12-21 teach us about original sin and its antidote?
How do the ‘trespass and the ‘gift’ differ in terms of motive, consequence, scope?
Does verse 18 teach universal salvation and if not why not?
This passage contains one of the most famous verses in the Bible about God’s love v8
Why is verse 8 so special?
Verse 8 is objective evidence of God’s love; verse 5 talks about subjective evidence?
What is your experience of this? How do you think you could experience more?
What can be the result of suffering? V3-4 – have you experienced this?
How do verses 18-21 summarize the story so far?