Welcome to the Frampton Park Website.  We are a lively, growing, outward focussed church of all ages from all walks of life and with 25 different nationalities.  

We meet every Sunday at 5pm at St Lukes, Homerton Terrace (whilst our church building is being re-developed).  All are welcome.  

Please click on the tabs above to see our weekly activities. 

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Contact us at:

Frampton Park Baptist Church
C/O Hackney Quest
Poole Road
E9 7AE
Or telephone us on 0208 985 0877
Or email us at fpbc@hotmail.co.uk



Join us on Sundays, 5pm at:

St Luke's Church
Homerton Terrace
E9 6RT
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Tuesday 7 July
8:00pmMembersmeeting at Hackney... @ 1 Poole Road, Hackney Quest offices
Tuesday 13 October
8:00pmMembersmeeting at Hackney... @ 1 Poole Road Hackney Quest Offices
 Listen to Sunday Sermons: 
Vitor's Sermon 28 June 2015 (download)
Vitor Faiante, 28/06/2015
Torquil's Sermon 21 June 2015 (download)
Torquil Allen, 21/06/2015
Albert Gunther's Sermon 14th June 2015 (download)
Albert Gunther, 14/06/2015
Christine's Sermon 31 May 2015 (download)
Christine, 31/05/2015
Ayo's Sermon 24 May 2015 (download)
Ayo, 24/05/2015